newbie on Participatory Economics

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Tue Jul 21 07:26:11 PDT 1998

G*rd*n wrote:

>joshua william mason wrote:
>> >As for Twin Oaks, our Paris Commune, it's basically a subsidiary of Pier
>> >1. The day folks shopping for throw pillows stop picking up a Twin Oaks-
>> >made hammock as well, that's the day that particular experiment in
>> >participatory economics comes to an end.
>Doug Henwood:
>> As it happens, they send me their newsletter, as do several other voluntary
>> communities. And Pier 1 has indeed cut back on orders, resulting in some
>> financial difficulties. I think the plan is to boost tofu sales.
>So these guys are, like, quiche-eaters? Too UMC to ever
>accomplish anything revolutionary? Remember, we're dealing
>with a subversion/construction model, not a combat model.
>Rejects from the bourgeoisie might have a talent for the
>former, eh?

They're not UMC, no. They're hippies. At least on the evidence of their publications, they seem to be trying to live their version of a decent life. Me, I'd be miserable living in the middle of nowhere with folks calling themselves "Wind" and "Feather," subsisting on home-grown beans and tofu, but they're living by their principles. As for selling hammocks and tofu - well, everyone needs cash.

Blind item of the day - what famous localist critic of technology and development won't go anywhere without a first-class air ticket being provided?


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