Global Warming?

Brad De Long delong at econ.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Jul 21 08:18:49 PDT 1998

>Dear Doug and the Left Business Observers,
>A few "old timers" have asked me an interesting question.
>Vice-President Al Gore has stated that the earths temperature hasn't
>been this warm in 400 years. The "old timers" want to know what caused
>the earth to be this warm 400 years ago? After all there was little or
>no use of fossil fuels used back then. No internal combustion engines.
>No airplanes. Hmm. Space rockets?

Climatologists don't know.

One suspicion is that the sun was a little bit brighter. Another suspicion is some subtle and poorly-understood interaction of the axis of the earth's spin with the eccentricity of the earth's orbit.

But before the 1400-1800 period, things were definitely a bit warmer than they are right now...

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