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Tue Jul 21 14:22:46 PDT 1998

Dear Chris Burford, Thank you very much for your reply. I am sorry for the bug. If you are interested in visiting my home page at Geocities you'll have to disable your Java and Java script. Because Geocities has to be paid from advertising. If you still have a bug on visiting my home page, please write to me at once. I'll do some correction of my home page. Thanks again.

Sincerely, Ju-chang He

Chris Burford wrote:
> Dear Mr He,
> E-mail correspondence from the People's Republic of China is a valuable
> connection, and the first I have seen on mailing lists such as these. But
> first as far as I am concerned there are a number of communication
> difficulties.
> 1. Technical. Every time I have tried to go to your home page I have had a
> bug. It may be deliberate punishment by Geocities, but when I try to close
> the words from "one of our sponsors", put up by Geocities, it reports an
> error in Java script and my computer loads several more copies of Netscape,
> all with the same word from "one of our sponsors". Perhaps this is because
> I am operating Netscape Navigator 2.0 which was produced in 1995. Perhaps
> if any other subscriber has had difficulties accessing your site may be
> they can write to you directly, because presumably you do not have any
> difficulties so you are unaware of the problem.
> 2. In terms of conventions of communication these mailing lists have
> difficulty doing justice to long articles. The speed of response is so
> rapid it favours contributions of a couple of paragraphs only. I have had
> difficulty with long articles myself. I think your solution of using a home
> page is a good one but we have yet to learn as an internet community how to
> combine reference to a long reasoned text and an e-mail list. Perhaps your
> insistence on making the connection will help to develop that culture.
> Chris Burford
> London

-- Sincerely, Ju-chang He

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