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Tue Jul 21 18:07:53 PDT 1998

On Who: It should always be who if you have the courage. Whom has no right to existence. But in this case, it is still Who, even if you are a social coward. Cf. She knows more than I (do).

On reality (or who is lefter). Marx answered it in an interview with a New York reporter in the last year of his life.

Reporter: What is? Marx: (After a long pause) Struggle.

There ain't no other criterion for anything, or rather all criteria ultimately reduce to this one.

It took a couple thousand years of struggle to determine that clay was more real than this here piece of clay in front of me. (The difference between handmade and wheelmade pottery.)


Tom Lehman wrote:
> Dear Doug,
> Whose to say, in reality, who is more left than who.
> Fraternally,
> Tom
> Or should it be, than whom

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