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Joel Kovel's announcement that he will run as the Green Party candidate for NY Senator against incumbent Republican candidate Al D'Amato and the winner of the Democratic primary is very good news for those of us who support a "green-red" synthesis. Joel is a highly respected theoretician who has frequently contributed to the ecosocialist journal "Capitalism, Nature and Socialism" and to Monthly Review. In addition, he is a long-time activist with the Green Party in New York State. Joel's ninth book, to be released under the title "The Enemy of Nature," provides the theoretical basis for his campaign in its assertion that ecological catastrophe can only be prevented if capitalism is superseded. In order to find out Joel's position on various questions, go to the Web Page at:

When I first discovered that Joel was running, I volunteered to help him in any way I could. He asked me to pitch in and convince others to support his campaign. Since I believe that the Internet can be a powerful medium for social change, I convinced him that it would be a useful experiment to raise political and financial support through this new medium. Since many of you know me already through my frequent pro-ecology posts on the Internet, it may not surprise you to discover that Joel's seminar on ecosocialism several years ago at NYC's Brecht Forum moved me in this direction. Although I have been a socialist and peace activist since 1967, I have to thank Joel Kovel for opening me up to green politics, as I hope I have done for others.

The reason I am excited about Joel's campaign is that it will allow him to reach tens of thousands of other people with this message and help win then to an ecosocialist outlook. Joel and other Green Party candidates will be on the ballot in the Fall elections, after an intensive petitioning campaign is completed. Unlike the Democratic and Republican candidates, Joel will not be the beneficiary of corporate donors. Since his message will be uncompromisingly anti-capitalist, he needs to rely on grass roots support. To attract grass roots support, it is essential that word get out about this most important campaign.

An initial group listed below have pledged their support for the Joel Kovel campaign for Senator. This is just the beginning. We hope that you will join this group and build momentum for an election campaign that the entire left can unite behind. Spread the word to your friends and colleagues. We have a unique opportunity to win people to a program for fundamental social change through Joel's campaign.

You and the supporters listed below will help to raise money for an ad to appear in the Nation Magazine or some other progressive publication. The goal is to demonstrate widespread support for this important electoral initiative. The more support we gather, the less it will cost us for an ad. Your name, and the university or organization you are associated with, will appear in the ad along with the names below. Please fill out the form at the bottom and return to Louis N. Proyect at lnp3 at (212-854-8289)

CAMPAIGN SUPPORTERS: Harry Magdoff, Monthly Review Paul Sweezy, Monthly Review James O'Connor, Capitalism, Nature and Socialism Paul Buhle, author and historian Doug Henwood, Left Business Observer Michael Ratner, Center for Constitutional Rights Allan Nairn, investigative journalist Edward Herman, political scientist





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