Sincere thanks

Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at phoenix.Princeton.EDU
Wed Jul 22 18:42:50 PDT 1998

I wish to share this note of appreciation for Doug and his wife Chris with the list. Last week, I unsubbed from LBO and noted to Doug in a private note that I had ruptured my achilles' tendon on a failed drive to the basket and found myself in the hospital just to let him know the reason for my departure. Within hours, Doug wrote me a long informative note with several important questions to pose to my surgeon and offered that if I had any questions, I could call Chris who as a physical therapist has worked with members of the New York Ballet. Well, I had fallen through the cracks of my grad insurance program at Berkeley, found myself alone in emergency care and under the care of a surgeon whose speciality was not the ankle and foot. Though both Doug and Chris were at that very time celebrating Doug's parents' 50th wedding anniversary, Chris calmly answered my hysterical questions, volunteered to send me up-to-date info on physical therapy, and then called on that Friday night a top surgeon in NYC to check on mine. She came back with good news that I had fallen in good hands and psychologically prepared me for surgery. It's a mean world when you are broke and alone in a new city (Donna is in Cuba in the the archives of her favorite novelist--Alejo Carpentier). And I can't tell you how much easier my week has been made by their most gracious concern. The surgery went fine, I am fine and will be better in several damn months. But I am most uplifted to have been so kindly helped by friends. Thanks much. Love, Rakesh

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