Biased witness

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Wed Jul 22 04:49:31 PDT 1998

Charles Brown wrote:
> >>> Chuck Grimes writes
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> I work with a guy who was in ARVIN (the old South Vietnam army) and
> who stayed after the fall of Saigon, through the rest of the seventies
> and immigrated here with the boat people in the early eighties. He has
> returned every few years since to visit his mother and brother, most
> recently as last May. He is strongly anti-communist both from his
> personal experiences and as influenced by the strong anti-communist
> Vietnamese community here in the Bay Area. His limited political
> understandings mostly center on how Asians are treaded in the US. He
> is lower middle/working class and sees the world mostly through the
> moral lens of right and wrong.
> Even with that said, I believe him when he characterizes the communist
> regime in Vietnam as mostly criminal,
> _______________
> Why do you believe him ? Common sense would tell you
> he MIGHT be biased. If he was a witness in court,
> the obvious question would be "well isn't he rather
> biased on the issue he is testifying on ? Doesn't he
> have a motive to portray those people in a bad
> light ?
> Charles Brown

The real world isn't court, and " biased " doesn't mean it's not true.


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