Shameless self-promotion

Jim heartfield Jim at
Fri Jul 24 11:38:43 PDT 1998

Excuse the self-promotion, but this review appears in the New Statesman today:

" Need and Desire in the Post-Material Economy (Sheffield Hallam University, £7.50). James Heartfield suggests that the 'post-material' economy is a self-serving concept and that modern economic thought masks the decline in western European economies [I didn't quite say that]. After the collapse of industry, we have a "consumer economy", which is merely non-productive. This attitude emerged as disputes over production have become less relevant (the unions have been squashed), while the anti-Marxist "politics of desire" is built on the exploitative surplus: the real social issues are avoid. The consumption of workers is limited to their basic needs, and the rich still luxuriate in their surplus value. "

Also, I was interviewed for BBC radio's Broadcast House (Sunday, 9.00pm) on top people's pay as a result. -- Jim heartfield

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