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Mon Jul 27 10:28:28 PDT 1998

On 27 Jul 98 at 15:45, AK Sinha wrote on PEN-L:
> Jim,
> Could you please give us more instructions about what a person
> like myself can and should do in this case. My best. ajit sinha

Hello Ajit,

Thanks for the message and the concern. These people are for real freedom fighters who have suffered/are suffering unimaginable persecution.

One thing is to organize petitions or write letters to the Government of Canada (Prime Minister Chretien) as this alerts the Canadian authorities that many eyes inside and outside of Canada are watching this case very carefully. This has an effect as I know for a fact that one of my previous appeals had been read by the RCMP and was the basis for their subsequent release hours later (Note if indeed, Frank had a previous warrant from 1992, why is he out now and why wasn't this so-called warrant brought up when he was jailed previously charged with being an "illegal immigrant?). There have been several murders of people connected with the Tribunal and one young girl associated with the Tribunal is missing and has been for several weeks.

If people feel moved to donate anything, they call can Helen's cousin Roderick Louis at (604) 254-7153 and he can direct where to send donations to make sure they get through. They have been left destitute (I got their van out of impound and their food they had just purchased had been stolen).

Thaks very much for theinquiry. These people are for real freedom fighters so please urge all your friends to write to Chretien's Office (can connect with Internet directly) to protest their treatment and note that many many eyes will be watching very carefully.

take care,


Louis Proyect


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