disinterested science

William S. Lear rael at dejanews.com
Tue Jul 28 08:00:39 PDT 1998

On Tue, July 28, 1998 at 10:41:18 (-0400) Carl Remick writes:
>Re Jim Baird's comment concerning whether MIT is apolitical: Looking at
>a preening apologist for capitalist excess like the celebrated Paul
>Krugman (of MIT's economics department), it's hard to see how MIT can
>today be considered an unworldly Nerd Central.

I think Jim's characterization of what Chomsky actually said is a bit simplified. If I remember correctly, Chomsky used a few "tends to"s and "in certain respects"s and did not claim that MIT was or is "apolitical". Chomsky has high regard for David Noble's work, which should convince us all that this is not a new phenomenon.


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