Formation of the Capital Reading Group

Mark Jones Jones_M at
Tue Jul 28 13:33:11 PDT 1998

Forwarded from Sven Buttler. Reply to <sven.buttler at>

Dear Comrades,

The Capital Reading Group has been formed in order to study Karl Marx's "Das Kapital", one of the most important theoretical works in the history of marxism - and surely one of the most challenging, too. Revealing the inner mechanisms of capitalism Marx equiped the workers with a powerful weapon which even today - round about 100 years after Marx - hasn't lost it's meaning and importance for the workers' movement.

The Capital Reading Group is a virtual seminar which is open to anyone interested in advancing his understanding of political economy. Especially younger militants are welcome for we are going to start from the very roots. To join in you just need to read the first chapter of Capital to August 1st and tell me that you want to participate. I hope you're with us!

For communism Sven Buttler <sven.buttler at>

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