Fairness Agenda

Michael Shaughnessy mshaughnessy at siprep.org
Thu Jul 30 15:03:58 PDT 1998

Dear list,

about a week ago I forwarded the Fairness Agenda and asked for people to sign on as well as to request feedback. Apparently a coup0le of people signed on, but I was disappointed that no one sent feed back. A second try;

1) Does anyone have any thoughts/ideas/reactions about using the Fairness Agenda as an attempt to organize non-leftists around economic issues?

2 Are there specific points in the agenda which cause you to say yes or no? (I here highlight the points and will only repost the longer version if people request it)

1. Enact a Fairness Budget for America. 2. Ensure Jobs, Living Wages, Benefits & Worker Rights for All. 3. Ensure Equality for All. 4. Promote a Just and Sustainable Global Economy. 5. Support Demilitarization, Human Rights & a New Internationalism. 6. Guarantee Sustainable Communities & Environmental Justice. 7. Provide Adequate Social Investment. 8. Limit Private Money in Politics.

3 Are there specific principles in the agenda which cause you to say yes or no? PRINCIPLES: Dignified Work; Environmental Justice; Economic Redistribution; Democratic Participation; Community Empowerment; Global Non-Violence; Social Justice, including Racial and Gender

Perhaps this is not of any interest at all to the people who read and write on this list, but questions about practical organizing around economic issues is at least part of what I am looking for.

Thanks for your consideration. Michael Shaughnessy

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