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Thu Jul 30 15:23:41 PDT 1998

>From my perspective, I feel like the mass media doesn=92t report what
>going on in the world. So it is useful to better understand the
>propaganda, and obfuscation techniques of manipulation that we all
>encounter every day. Not being in a position like many academics to
>information through the university systems, or whatever, I am forced by
>anecdotal accidents to get something that informs me. The deliberate
>sensationalization of the U.S. media is both a means of cheapening
>reporting costs, and an easy means to distract. How the hell am I
>supposed to sort through all the lies?
>Doyle Saylor

Defenestrate your television! But seriously, for me, I can pick up some information, wading through all the opacity of obfuscation and sensation, and be reminded or learn about new things to consider. Like last night on the Jim Lehrer Hour they had a slot on Fish Farming and the ecological, economical costs. In some instances more pounds of fish mulch are used for feed than the amount of pounds of, in this case shrimp, that are fed.

I'm currently a temp, so during the day I've got to, uh, practice immobility, through bouts of tedious data entry. In the morning I look through the SF Chronicle (it's what we get where I'm currently living), but put it down as soon as I can catch the first bus to make it here early so that I can have another on-line school session with lbo-talk and marxism! :-)

your passive, docile student -Alec

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