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<< Tens of Millions of people really believe that Crime and Drugs and

School Prayer and the reform of education (i.e., the gutting of

education) are significant issues. And those of us who know otherwise

cannot, for one reason or another, work out a strategy and a set of

tactics to create the organizations that could disabuse people of these

vicious myths. >>

I believe you have hit the truth for what I am searching.....a strategy that enables the truth of capitalism and its externalities to be addressed. Since no strategy is forthcoming, either from Keynesian or Marxist writers, I sit here in confusion, wondering what agenda and organization can overpower the lethargy of present democratic discussion. The fact that things are wrong I would like to believe is even held by the power brokers. But how to change the system and yet retain advantage of ones work is seriously lacking.

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>Some substantial proportion (I fear a very large proportion) of those
who are really sincerely committed to the welfare and power of working people either cannot or will not see that worker unity requires first a battle against male supremacy and racism among workers themselves.>

I guess this is an area of class conflict from which I have serious doubts as to its validity. I cannot put empirical evidence as to whether male supremacy and racism are the cause of economic distress, but somehow I think it has more to do with the lack of a credible alternative to the externalities that are produced by the capitalists system. If the afore mention agenda could be articulated, and I believe there is enough material and experience among the population to do so, it would go a long way in providing a realistic dialogoue in which to counter the present economic order.

Afterall, the one common thread among all people is the preservation of their lives and future means of subsistence.

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