Doyle Saylor djsaylor at
Fri Jul 31 08:49:40 PDT 1998

Greetings Proles!, and the others who are here on LBO,

This is a salute to my fellow proles that are here. Directly to Alec, yeah me too, I've been a temp for loooonnnng periods before. Defenestrate your television?

Alec July 30, 98: Defenestrate your television! But seriously, for me, I can pick up some information, wading through all the opacity of obfuscation and sensation, and be reminded or learn about new things to consider. Like last night on the Jim Lehrer Hour they had a slot on Fish Farming and the ecological, economical costs. In some instances more pounds of fish mulch are used for feed than the amount of pounds of, in this case shrimp, that are fed.

I'm currently a temp, so during the day I've got to, uh, practice immobility, through bouts of tedious data entry. In the morning I look through the SF Chronicle (it's what we get where I'm currently living), but put it down as soon as I can catch the first bus to make it here early so that I can have another on-line school session with lbo-talk and marxism! :-)

Doyle Defenstrate Alec I thought meant something like pulling the guts out of a shrimp, but my dictionary (an old one) says throw it out the window. Is that what you meant, throw my tv out the window?

Paula: "mr saylor- nice to know i'm amoung other proles and remember, always tip your waitress generously, she might be me."

Doyle Call me Doyle, Paula. Here's a proletarian story about a waitress and social security. My friend, Ali, got tendonitis being a waitress. Can't do that anymore, but she is a kick when we have dinner together, about how fast she can figure out the bill, and Paula we are generous with the tip... Fine by me. Anyway, she got retrained, so she was working in my wife's place of employment. Now she has repetitive stress of the voice. So being young, 29, she isn't eligible for much of anything as employment goes anymore. Not SSDI, not unemployment, because she got injured too early after going back to work, etc (workers comp is shafting her right now also, and she has only got GA). Us proles depend upon the Social Security system. I know some of you academics will get your pensions and be comfortable, so the my remarks doesn't affect your skinny bony asses. I tell you something you guys who want to give away our SECURITY to compromise away what little protection is left, I hope you spend a little time penniless with not any way to retrain, or have a future and you see what that feels like. By the way don't bother giving me advice about how to fix Ali's problem, you don't have the street smarts. regards, Doyle

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