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Fri Jul 31 10:29:59 PDT 1998

We would like to inform all those who might be interested to have you tune into the QR Radio, 770 am and to the tv simulcast on Channel 7 Lethbridge and Calgary, Alberta, Canada and on the ITV cable network throughout Canada on Thursday August 6, 1998 beginning at 11 a.m.

Myself and Mr. Vernon Yellow Horn will be appearing in person to explain and discuss the Blackfoot Confederacy before an International audience on tv and radio. The interest in our re-creation of the Blackfoot Confederacy has come about as the result of an interview by Ms. Natalie Clancy of CBC News of Calgary, Alberta, Canada with myself, Vern and George Yellow Horn. That interview was aired on Wednesday, July 22,1998.

Please pass the word if you would like others to be informed and educated about a very serious plan of action we intend to bring before the United Nations as an unrecognized nation at this time. It is our way of combating the racism, genocide and colonism that continues to be practiced on us by the United States, Canada, Great Britain and the other European nations over the past 500 years.

Only in understanding the issues relative to our Blackfoot and related Indian nation allies will there be ultimate happiness and justice for our people. So please help us fight ignorance and the bigotry that exists among us all.

Louis Proyect (

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