Stripping (for) Education

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Mon Jun 1 08:23:50 PDT 1998

There are three front page articles in the Ohio State University student paper _The Lantern_ (1 June 1998) that are, taken together, quite suggestive.

According to the article entitled 'OSU Students May Pay More for Tuition,' the OSU is planning to raise tuition by 6 percent, which would push annual tuition for resident undergrads from $3,660 to $3,879. Other fee increases are also expected.

On the same front page, there are two articles covering the experiences of OSU students working as strippers and dancers (performing quintessential service work: sex industry work); one covers women, and the other does men. The Lantern also has an Editorial on the subject, which says, 'Is Stripping Okay? Heck, It's Liberating.'

While colleges are being stripped of state funding, some students are stripping to earn those all-important college diplomas? One of the women students/strippers are quoted as saying that she takes home, on a good night, 'roughly $100, averaging about $500 per week.' Beats work-study jobs, she also says.

However, with the 'Welfare Reform,' won't the wages of sex industry workers get depressed, I wonder? (Does Doug have stats on this?) Makes you think why Clinton, Dick Morris, etc. were so keen on stripping single mothers from their welfare checks and chances for college education.


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