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Katha Pollitt kpollitt at thenation.com
Mon Jun 1 14:57:47 PDT 1998

Wojtek Sokolowski wrote:

> Personally, I would not mind Left organizing under whatever ideological
> auspices - anything that appeals to the people. Ideology changes as a
> result of movement participation - social movement research tells us - what
> matters is mobilization for action. I would like to see the folks who now
> stalk the FBI agents in Montana being on our side, their personal beliefs
> notwithstanding. It matter little what people think, what really matters
> is what they do (as long as it undermines the status quo, of course).
> Regards
> Wojtek Sokolowski

Two Questions:

What would it mean for the Montana Militia people to be "on our side," their "personal beliefs notwithstanding"? What is a "personal" belief in this context? let's say I believe capitalism is wrong, and is an invention of the Jews, who act through the United nations to produce a one-world government that will promote race-mixing and gun control. Is everything that follows "capitalism is wrong" merely a "personal belief"?

And if only actions matter, and not the ideas that motivate them, does that mean the FBI=Stalking Militiamen are already "on our side"-- without either we or they knowing about it? Is a Quaker who withholds his taxes rather than fuel the war machine the same as a Militamen who refuses to pay taxes because the government is a Zionist conspiracy? And are both the same as someone who evades taxes out of greed?

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