Remedial Class Struggle

Brad De Long delong at econ.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Jun 1 17:16:22 PDT 1998

>It's from a conversation I had with Heather McDonald... According to my
>notes, she said, "The upside of [budget] cuts might be that it forces the
>system to provide a college education rather than a high school education.
>People have been coming to CUNY who don't have the background to
>take advantage of a college education ... It would be a shame if qualified
>students found themselves unable to get an education, but on the other
>hand if unqualified students weren't able to go to college that would be a
>good thing--it would force high schools to work harder...

Or as Vladimir Lenin used to say, "the worse, the better."

Never struck me as one of Lenin's brighter lights on humanity's tree of good ideas...

Brad DeLong

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