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Michael Eisenscher meisenscher at igc.apc.org
Tue Jun 2 09:15:37 PDT 1998

>Katha Pollitt wrote:
>> p.s. Are we so sure David Bonior DOESN"T side with "the big bucks boys"
>> except on a few hot button issues? I think his fans on this list may be
>> romanticizing him a bit -- that opposition of Bonior to "blow dried
>> clones" for example. Do you really think some fabulous leftist and
>> natural man got to be number two (or is it number one) man in Congress?
>> That he doesn't cultivate an image? I came across a quote from a
>> Congressperson (forget who) who said every DAY he was in office he had
>> to raise 3000 dollars. I suspect that particular law of political
>> physics has not been suspended in the case of David Bonior.

For what it's worth, here is an excerpt containing Bonior's views from a longer message posted to another list on the situation at Han Young. I am not suggesting that Bonior is a blazing radical, but his willingness to get out front on this issue distinguishes him from most of the rest of his colleagues. Of course, this may be just one of those 'hot button' issues designed to maintain his credentials with the folks at the AFL-CIO.

Michael E.


The following statement in support of the Han Young workers' right to an independent union was released on Friday, May 29 by the office of U.S. Congressman David E. Bonior (D-MI):

"Han Young management, the Tijuana labor board and the Mexican government are engaged in a systematic effort to deny Han Young workers their right to an independent union through harassment, intimidation and fraud.

"The right of workers to organize is a fundamental democratic principle. That's why this is an important test for the Mexican government. The workers at Han Young have voted twice by wide margins to establish their own, independent union. This would be the first independent union among the 2,700 maquiladora factories along the border.

"In the last few days, Han Young management and government officials appear to have broken Mexican law and engaged in blatant voter fraud to crush the independent union.

"These actions could have long-term implications for U.S. trade policy. The United States has a moral obligation to exercise leadership to ensure that our trading partners respect basic democratic rights.

"I met the Han Young workers in Mexico, and I am impressed with their courage and commitment. They are asking for safe working conditions, decent wages and a voice in their own future. They are true heroes in a much broader struggle for justice."

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