Vietnam's (meager) resources

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Tue Jun 2 12:45:44 PDT 1998


>This is precisely what Sartre argued in his essay, "On Genocide." (It was
>published in *Ramparts* and I may have a copy of it buried in the
>basement.) He rejected all the "practical" reasons for the U.S. invasion,
>and suggested that it was actually waged against the core of the U.S.
>empire, Latin America, to teach the people of that continent what would
>happen to them if they dared to resist.

Che responded with a call for "2, 3, many Vietnams". When he said it, many embraced it, with disastrous results (I'm thinking of his own campaign in Bolivia, the subsequent Guerilla de Teoponte, etc). Nowadays, Che's statement is used here by the "There Is No Alternative" crowd to support their position. In effect, they're saying "neo-liberalism may be a bitter pill, but it's better than running your ox-drawn plow into unexploded mines, like the poor fools in Vietnam who fancied they could change history through violence."


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