Cockburn and Militias

Alex LoCascio unterwelt at
Tue Jun 2 07:56:38 PDT 1998

Katha, Doug, your comments about Cockburn and his militia fetish are right on target. A NetPal of mine in Seattle got me turned on to the Anderson Valley Advertiser so I could get everything Cockburn writes (after the Nation chopped his column up). The editor, Bruce Anderson, seems to suffer from the same strain of faux-Populism that Cockburn does.

I dunno if it has something to do with the West Coast or what. He likes to hurl around the term "pwogwessive" and calls feminists "gender nationalists." According to the same NetPal (Tresy Kilbourne, he's over on the Marxist list), Cockburn's latest intellectual fav is Christopher Lasch.

I like Cockburn's investigative stuff, and I even like his introspective naval gazing pieces, but that godawful pseudo-Populism has gotta go.

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