Vietnam's (meager) resources

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Tue Jun 2 16:02:51 PDT 1998

Doug writes:
> Carrol Cox wrote:
> >It is devishly difficult to keep a discussion of race going on these lists.
> I beg to differ. Race & its relation to class seems to have been one of the
> staples of discussion in lbo-talk's first month of life. Which is exactly
> the kind of thing I was hoping for - the abortion discussion too.
> And stay up all night
> every night discussing
> race and class..."

Yes and no. There have been some very long threads on race and class. But your appended Communist Love Song is an appropriate comment on those threads: they tend to go around in a circle endlessly, a circle which does not incorporate new material with each spin of the wheel*, but merely restate the general point (which I then stated again in my post). When I say it's devilishly difficult, I mean it is difficult to get the discussion to go much beyond this reaffirmation of what I believe has been established as a truism, but...

How do we move that discussion forward beyond that truism?


P.S. My parenthesis about "each spin of the wheel" reflects my huge admiration for the first 125 pages of Volume 2 of *Capital*, pages which go round and round reasserting a tautology, but with each reassertion incorporating more of the "feel" of the capitalist dynamic.

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