Vietnam's (meager) resources

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at
Tue Jun 2 17:12:10 PDT 1998

Doug replies to Carrol:
>>It is devishly difficult to keep a discussion of race going on these lists.
>I beg to differ. Race & its relation to class seems to have been one of the
>staples of discussion in lbo-talk's first month of life. Which is exactly
>the kind of thing I was hoping for - the abortion discussion too.

Well, it seems to me that a substantial number of posts were arguments about 'race & its alleged non-relation to class struggles.' (It's simply irksome to have to debate those who allege non-relation between them.) That kind of 'discussion' is different from a more practical discussion of how to integrate anti-racist struggles in class struggles + left politics, of which I think we need more. I want to move beyond saying, 'anti-racism is part of class struggles,' 'race issues are working-class issues,' etc.


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