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Mathew Forstater forstate at levy.org
Tue Jun 2 22:32:30 PDT 1998

On Wed, 3 Jun 1998, Katha Pollitt wrote:

> Do libertarians go in for military forms of organization?
> Something wrong with this picture.
> katha

Actually many self-described libertarians do, as long as they're *private* and not part of a state. Other self-described libertarians make military one of their exceptions for the state. But I see your point. I think many of the militia embrace something of a general libertarian political philosophy in the sense of anti-State. But I have a lot of respect for what I consider the real anarchist (left) political tradition and am also sensitive to the mis-use of the term in popular jargon to let it be used for right wing anti-state groups, especially those that I beleive are in large part nationalist, fascistic, racist, sexist, and homophobic.


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