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if leftists had been more respectful of the lifestyle of the Reagan Democrats, and had moderated their own political demands (abortion,gay rights) the white working class would not vote for Republicans.
> But what do other people think?
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Is it a question of "moderating" the left's political demands to be more "respectful" of Reagan Dems or of getting the left to take the ordinary problems of these so-called Reagan Dems as seriously as any other workers' problems? Perhaps many workers who are supposedly conservative on cultural issues would be much more open to the rights and dignity of blacks and gays and lesbians if it were obvious to them that the left were really organized for national health insurance, quality education, and work that pays--materially as well as spiritually. Being against racism and sexism and being for the healthcare, wages, and power of white workers are not different things! The power of Reaganism is that it has convinced many workers that these things are mutually exclusive. It has nothing to do with moderation. It has everything to do with keeping one's eye on the ball. Go after the corporate destruction of workers' standard of living in a big, immoderate, way and the race and gender issues will be taken seriously by workers with conventional feelings about black and gender identity.

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