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>National chauvinism is turned into isolationism; Race suprematism is
>turned into a white victim-culture; Distrust of big government is turned
>into hostility to all government; religious belief in the apocaplypse is
>concretised; Cold war paranoia turned into UN/ZOG paranoia.
>It all sounds pretty unpleasant, but unless I'm reading it wrong, it is
>the ideology of a social force that has been defeated.
>Jim heartfield

This is, by the way, pretty much how Hiram Evans put the problem facing "Nordic stock" in America in the 1920s. It was the reasoning of the post WW1 Klan..

This thread has made me wonder about what might be the other side of the coin; namely, is the international property class becoming more ethnically heterogeneous, more mobile, more internationalist and more interested in turning many "defeated" communities into their playgrounds? I have in mind, for example, northwestern CT--aroung Torrington--whose working and farming class was destroyed in the 1980s and whose lands were bought up by "outsiders" and turned into a vacation wonderland. I have heard that about 25% of the students at the famous New England boarding school Exeter are now the children of Asian businessmen (who have bought up a lot of nearby condos to stay in when they come the US to visit their kids). Isn't it likely that if more and more of the financial and rentier class here and in Asia and Latin America and Europe start sending their kids to places like Exeter, these kids will begin to intermarry? [Does anyone have any info on whether the marriage customs of wealthy Americans has changed in the last twenty years?] Might this change might not mean even greater numbers of the world's propertied class looking for interesting areas of North America to gentrify--Telluride CO? Grand Teton's and so on? The link between this sort of change and the revivification of the problems of "Nordic Americans" seems obvious.

Steve Cohen

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