the denominator

Mark Jones Jones_M at
Wed Jun 3 12:35:15 PDT 1998

I'm interested in paleoeconomics, that's cool. We need a flintstone index. I suppose one could compare this with Daley's GPI schemes which does support stagnation or declining standards in recent times. Altho that all seems pretty ropey to me, Daley's valuations are highly speculative intuitions. I can't believe Wallerstein was just extrapolating from Africa, if he's that thick it's abuse of tenure. What was his article? Got a ref anyone? This is seriously interesting.


Brad De Long wrote:

> >Brad:
> >
> >Your figures are very interesting. But do they reflect external costs
> >represented by environmental and social degradation?
> >
> >Dan Lazare
> No. They don't. They have all the flaws of standard GDP calculations...

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