California elections & bilingual ed

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Thu Jun 4 09:50:40 PDT 1998

Wojtek Sokolowski wrote:
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> My other guess is that bilingual education may be favoured by elite
> liberals who tend to see culture as more important than material living
> conditions, as well as 'ethnic studies' majors who have few job
> opportunities other than bilingual ed.

My guess is that it may be favored by Hispanics, especially since they seem to have rejected the proposition overwhelmingly (2-1 margin). The measure was essentially passed by whites, against the opposition of the Hispanic vote, with blacks split 50-50. Much the same as 187. It would be interesting to find out what the vote was among Spanish-speaking parents with school-age children, who are, after all, the only ones that will be affected by the measure.

Just a reminder: the proposition was not about preventing people from being forced into bilingual education against their will. I think we all agree this is *bad*. It was about banning bilingual education in any way, shape or form.

> Wojtek Sokolowski

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