each year 11m Third World children under age 5 die*

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>>>>> ">" == Patrick Bond <pbond at wn.apc.org> forwards from Hanlon:

>> Second, this ratio should be compared to

>> debt relief given to Germany after World War II. ...

>> The wisdom of massive debt relief is clear - it formed one

>> basis of the German economic miracle.

thanks. this is just the kind of thing i was looking for.

another kindergarten question:

i was just last nite reading through my Baumol and Blinder (B&B) -- now getting hauled over the coals on PEN-L -- that the idea for the IMF was established during the Bretton Woods talks to smooth out the problems of int'l currency exchange after WWII. my question is: was the initial concept of an IMF a good idea gone bad (imperial, hegemonic, whatever) or was it the wrong solution from the start? what is a marxist perspective on foreign exchange rate issues and the idea that ""the IMF was empowered to make loans to countries that were running low on reserves""? <this quote is from B&B>

i guess these questions in a sense repeat what was asked of doug h. a while ago: is there a decent econ 101 book for left-leaning folks to learn their ABC's. i am hoping my (new) subscription to LBO teaches me a few things as well (whenever it finally arrives :-) ).

and now i return to listening mode....

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