each year 11m Third World children under age 5 die*

Syed Muhammad Abbas Zaidi manoo at brunet.bn
Thu Jun 4 17:29:16 PDT 1998

I agree to every singlr sentence. cheers. zaidi

At 10:50 AM 6/4/98 -0400, you wrote:
>which brings me to a third point, regarding lbo-talk.
>I came here mainly to listen (cf. doug's lbo-talk/excel ledger) and
>learn some more about economics, some history, ways of analyzing the
>movement of people, companies, countries, and how people organize in
>their political lives. i get the feelin many of you who write a lot on
>this list know each other from countless aeons before, and your
>writing style shows. what i am getting at is this: it would be nice to
>us 'learners/beginners' if when you write a piece, you don't always
>suppose we are all at the same advanced level as you, eg. throwing
>darts at 'imperialist greed in Mozambique' cause you 'just plain know'
>that its imperialist greed working in this case. some of us (or is it
>only __me__?) want to know specifics, details, whats 'really going
>on', rather then simply reading the MHN (thats my abbrev for the
>Marxist Headline News: 'IMF/imperialist greed kills 11m in mozambique,
>film at 11!).
>is this third a fair point, or does every group need a place to get
>together in friendly(??) fashion, drink some beers, and throw some
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