Calif. election & bilingual education

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Fri Jun 5 07:36:02 PDT 1998

At 02:17 PM 6/4/98 -0700, Tom Condit wrote:
>David Stratman has put forward the notion that all of this emphasis on
>standards, the implicit revival of tracking, etc., has an underlying logic:
>that late capitalism is in fact not going to produce decent jobs for the
>majority of kids, so a system has to be put in place which will let them
>blame themselves for failing to get the education "necessary" to get decent
>jobs, rather than the system. The strongest evidence for this is, of course,
>the increasing educational requirements for jobs which could in fact be
>performed by people with a sixth-grade education if necessary.

Thanks for your comments. I think, however, that the drive behind initiatives like prop 227 are simply a divide and rule tactic of the ruling class, and sheer opportunism of various pieces of intellectual shit hoping to spring their political consulting careers - rather than by the need of the capitalist system to adjust education to its requirements. The current system is working just fine in reproducing social inequalities and I do not see why the mandarins and brahmins of late capitalism would need to change that.

School- and teacher- bashing have been a traditional diversion tactic used by the US oligrachy to difuse any thrust to end their hegemony. The only thing that is new is the unprecedented numbers of opportunistic college-processed lowlife eager to make a personal career by sucking up to powers that be.


Wojtek Sokolowski

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