Proposition 227 (California)

Tom Condit tomcondit at
Fri Jun 5 11:41:47 PDT 1998

This morning's San Francisco _Chronicle_ has an article on the anti-227 vote among latinos, pointing out that one of the failures of the earlier polls was that they tended to talk primarily to those whose English was better. The newer immigrants, people from the barrios, etc., not only weren't polled, but they tended not to make up their mind until just before the election, then followed the established leaders and organizations in opposing the measure.

One problem this created was the ability of Unz et al. to portray the measure as benign by pointing to latino support for it, thus helping to sway the "white" vote.

The article's too long to post to the list, but it's probably on the Chronicle web site:

Tom Condit

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