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Someone on the Spoons frankfurt-school list disagrees with Joel Kovel's account of Adorno & Horkheimer's editing of Benjamin:

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>It sounds like Joel's comments are largely coming from Susan Buck-Morss, The
>Origins of Negative Dialectics, pp. 146-150. However, it is a bit more
>complex. In footnotes 98 (p. 286), Buck-Morss points out that the essay went
>through several drafts in both German and French. It was in the second French
>version of the essay that was published in the Zeitschrift fur Sozialforschung
>that the Marxist elements were taken out. This was due to financial and
>political considerations of the Institute (footnote 103, p. 287).
>However, the
>Marxist elements were reinserted in the 2nd version of the German essay
>(published by Adorno in 1955) upon which the English translation is based.
>only problem is that the page numbers Buck-Morss provides in the Gesammelte
>Schirften for the second German version of the essay are actually the page
>numbers for the third version. I hope I have not confused things.
>Warren Goldstein

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