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Fri Jun 5 08:06:46 PDT 1998

JW Mason wrote:

> Here's a funny story about Genovese.
> In the early fifties, he was in the same CP cell as Robert Fogel (the
> economist whose own moonlight-and-molasses slavery revisionism helped
> win him the Nobel a few years ago.) For some reason Genovese was kicked
> out of the Party, and it fell on Fogel, as head of the local
> organization, to do the honors. Afterward Genovese came up to Fogel and
> said, "Bob, I'll be a communist long after you've forgotten the meaning
> of the word."
> Long after, but not *that* long after.

I did my undergrad degree from Rutgers, one of EG's resting points, and there is no mystery about why EG was expelled from the CP, doctrine aside. He is one of the most acerbic types you could ever come across. He was famous for starting and wrecking groups. After one such episode, his wife is reputed to have said, "Well, Gene wrapped up another one." I am prepared to wager cold cash that something similar will happen with his new group. He could end up doing more damage to the Right as a right-winger than any other way. Maybe that's his plan.

That Fogel was a CPer is pretty mind-boggling.

MBS Class of '71

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