Organized Labor and Bilingual Education: Any Cooperation?

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Sun Jun 7 10:16:56 PDT 1998

> > union rep with whom I once worked put it, "Scratch a racist and
> > you find an
> > anti-communist; scratch an anti-communist and you'll find a racist. The
> > venom that flows in their veins is the same."
> Good grief! Do you really believe this?
> Max

Actually, Max, I tend to agree that this is mostly correct, at least in reference to how people act, regardless of how they feel. But even if it's true, don't feel too bad, Lenin once exclaimed in disgust, "Scratch a bolshevik and find a Great Russian Chauvinist!" (And for all I know he may have had a silent postscript to the effect that this was also a self-criticism.)


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