Abortion and the Death Penalty (To Rakesh)

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Mon Jun 8 20:44:49 PDT 1998

Frances wrote:
>Most of the left christian
>folks are fighting against organized mainstream religious groups.

Look, Frances, in my post to which you replied, nowhere did I mention 'left christian folks.' Rakesh's post (to which I replied) didn't say anything about 'left christian folks' either. Nor were they referred to in the NYT article both of us were commenting on.

I think I already made my thoughts on serious religious leftists clear when I wrote of Mark Stansbery as a quite admirable example of such leftists (in the post entitled 'Consuming Religion').

What's clear, however, is that serious left-wing religious people are a very small minority in this country, perhaps as small as or even smaller than the serious secular Left (such as it is).


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