Abortion and the Death Penalty (To Rakesh)

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Tue Jun 9 06:34:17 PDT 1998

Re "Most of the left christian folks are fighting against organized mainstream religious groups": How much energy does that leave them to wrestle with temporal issues? The more I ponder Christianity, the more it seems to me hard-wired for social irrelevancy in any progressive sense. I've spent the last five years trying to reestablish a sense of involvement in the Episcopal Church (having been impressed by the courageous public stance that then Episcopal presiding bishop church took against the Gulf War), but I've been quite disappointed. The congregation with which I've been affiliated is old and utterly out of it, and the minister seems to have no interest in any message other than "you're forgiven -- hallelujah!" Tedious and self-indulgent, so far as I'm concerned.
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> On Mon, 8 Jun 1998, Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:
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> > Judging by their performance in the face of the 'Welfare Reform,' I
> > wouldn't look to organized religion for the 'salvation' of the
> American
> > Left, as some on this list would have us do.
> I think looking towards left christian groups is very different than
> looking to "organized religion." And, I dont think anyone has
> suggested
> that we rely on organized mainstream religious groups, any more than
> anyone has suggested we look to Bill Clinton. Most of the left
> christian
> folks are fighting against organized mainstream religious groups.
> Your reaction seemed like a pretty thoughtless knee-kerk reaction to
> me.
> Perhaps next you'll equate Republicans with Libertarians, because of
> their
> shared beliefs regarding social spending, and ask why the republicans
> are
> not more pro-choice and stronger defenders of the first amendment.
> frances

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