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Tue Jun 9 14:21:32 PDT 1998

> >Yes, but bear in mind that SDS had descended into bitter factionalization and
> >paralysis by 1965-67, after which it fairly disintegrated.
> >Dan Lazare
> This is not accurate. SDS was going great guns through 1970 at least.
> Louis Proyect

nationally, SDS was a shell of itself following the implosion that occurred at the 1969 national convention in Chicago...PL's "worker- student alliance" proposed that students go into the factories to radicalize workers...SDS national leadership offered Revolutionary Youth Movement (RYM II)...developed largely by Mike Klonsky, RYM II called for SDS to recruit working class youths by organizing at state universities, community colleges & high schools...debate over the "labor question" produced a third faction as well: Weather Bureau with its revolutionary bravado...none of the three made signifcant inroads among the working class...shortly thereafter the remnants of SDS were all but invisible...locally, SDS chapters continued to exist, in some instances for a couple of years...and the name itself was used somewhat generically in the mainstream (evidenced by the dean of students at my high school who called me into his office at the beginning of my senior year in 1970 to inform me that I was on a county-wide list of students who were 'known' SDS members...I told him that was a badge of honor)... Michael Hoover

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