Remedial Class Struggle

hoov hoov at
Tue Jun 9 14:52:06 PDT 1998

> The ruling class argument that 'post-industrial' economy (or whatever)
> needs 'more + more educated workforce,' what with computers and other tech
> fetishes, is merely an ideology. This is an argument that is designed to
> blame the unemployed/underemployed/low-wage workers for their alleged
> 'education' deficit. This ideology also serves to make workers accept that
> they--not employers--are responsible for job training.
> Yoshie

expanded access to higher ed was always a dangerous proposition for the capitalist class...democratizatized access, no matter the limitations, offers potential empowerment which is a threat to the established order...was it merely coincidence that the initial surge of working-class entry into universities after WW2 was accompanied by a purge of left (and liberal) instructors, or that academics educated during the Vietnam anti-war era were denied tenure in the 1970s, or that a 'surplus' education force is being told to lower its expectations and pursue vocational 'non-traditional' students, the last to gain access, are targets of retrenchment from educational opportunity in an attack analogous to the practice of 'last hired-first fired in the workplace...such students are being held responsible for declining academic standards...Michael Hoover

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