Carrol Cox cbcox at
Tue Jun 9 16:32:29 PDT 1998

I think Nader is in some ways a comic-book intellectual: he simply has no respect for or interest in people as people. He wants a more "logical" capitalism. One large group of '60s radicals, including my own daughter, were radicalized by being insulted as it were by the illogicality of imperialist practice. Pure logic in that sense is no foundation for digging in for the long run.


Doug writes:

> I'm listening to a speech by Ralph Nader. My god. He's going on about
> utility bills, utility bill stuffers from consumer groups, bounce check
> fees, $200 million in drinking water technology cut from some budget or
> other. Awful stuff. Does anyone get inspired by this? No wonder the tort
> lawyers love him.
> Doug

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