Wed Jun 10 10:34:55 PDT 1998

Jim Cullen wrote:

>With all due respect, high energy bills are more likely to get people into
the streets >than the 150th anniversary edition of "Capital."

This may be true but we can also think of Nader in the context of an earlier lbotalk discussion about the absence of a sense of humor on the left. In a 1990 annotation to his late 60s book "The Atrocity Exhibition" J.G. Ballard says "[Nader's] assault on the automobile clearly had me worried. Living in grey England, what I most treasured of my Shanghai childhood were my memories of American cars, a passion I've retained to this day. Looking back, one can see that Nader was the first of the eco-puritans, who proliferate now, convinced that everything is bad for us."

How many Americans think socialism means no cool cars and bad movies?

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