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How does the total Fed R&D expenditures stack up against total corporate R&D for the same period? Also, is there data to show how much the Fed govt. spent on technology R&D versus how much 1.) these companies have contributed to the overall GDP and 2.) how much they spend annually on R&D? For example, in 1997 Microsoft budgeted $2B for R&D. How does this stack up against the "free" R&D they get through various CRADAs and other govt. give-away programs?

chuck miller

Doug Henwood wrote:

> bautiste at wrote:
> >Any idea how much the Federal R&D budgets for the past 50 years
> >would come to in today's dollars?
> The NSF's series begins in 1955. Between 1955 and 1996, federal R&D
> spending totaled $2.3 trillion in 1996 dollars, an average of 1.3% of GDP
> over the period. Of course, $2.3t sounds a lot more impressive than 1.3% of
> GDP, if you're looking for a gee-whiz figure.
> Doug

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