Greed is good

Wojtek Sokolowski sokol at
Wed Jun 10 13:17:27 PDT 1998

At 11:08 AM 6/10/98 -0700, Seth Sandronsky wrote:

>And as well, one can (and should) seek an audience with which to
>communicate with. Meaning, in part, that speaking truth to power, as you
>imply, is pointless.

For the most part, yes. Paraphrasing Rosa Luxemburg, the rich will not give up their privilege and hang themsleves if somene convinces them, beyond reasonable doubt, that they are the parasitic element of society.

The only language the rich and they lackeys and suck-ups understand is the language of power. If the only power that you have is the power of your words and arguments, you can pretty much save your breath. If you have real power, however, it pretty much does not matter what you say either. Power talks bullshit walks - as the folk wisdom has it. Or, as Chairman Mao said, "power grows from the barrel of a gun." Or, as Russian revolutionares used to say, "let Comrade Mauser talk" (a point of information, Mauser for the Russians was what Smith & Wesson is for the Americans).

So why bother talking to the rich & their lackeys at all? The only audience worth talking to is one that can join you in struggle. Everything else is chasing shadows on a wall.



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