Rob Schaap rws at
Thu Jun 11 06:45:39 PDT 1998

G'day Doug,

>That Ms. Walker, who cast the criticl final vite, traced her change of
>heart to a religious epiphany is not unusual, experts say. WIlliam Bowers,
>who heads the Capital Jury Project, which since 1991 has interviewed 1,000
>death penalty jurors in 15 states, said that jurors burdened by their
>responsibility will on occasion invoke what they perceive as the will of
> 'It's mostly that it relieves them of a measure of personal
>responsibility for the decision.'"
>In other words, God made 'em do it.
>If only Ms. Walker's bible had fallen open to the "let him who is without
>sin cast the first stone" passage.

I believe one of the Ten Commandments has something to say about killing too, doesn't it?

Cheers, Rob.

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