Greed is good

Jordan Hayes jmhayes at
Thu Jun 11 14:38:54 PDT 1998

Michael J. Cykana wrote:

> Thus if you believe the current economic system fairly distributes
> rewards according to an increasing the economic pie then you must
> believe that ...

Who said "fair" = "equal" ...?

> In other words economically speaking BG's life is worth
> the lives of 4 Million average Americans.

I think you have a twisted idea of what a life is "worth" ...

> Are they accepting risk
> - you bet your bottom dollar/life.

Yes. But: acceptance is not the same as taking. BG didn't "accept" his risk; he took it. There's a huge difference. It's a totally different kind of risk, with a totally different circumstance; it's also a passive vs. active issue.

> (Personally, I do not believe in the risk theory (myth) of
> remuneration, I have yet to see any empirical data that substantiates
> this.

Think interest rates.


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