Greed is good

Michael J. Cykana mcykana at
Thu Jun 11 19:29:26 PDT 1998

>Who said "fair" = "equal" ...?

What's your definition of fair?

>> In other words economically speaking BG's life is worth
>> the lives of 4 Million average Americans.
>I think you have a twisted idea of what a life is "worth" ...

Note that we are talking economics here a small and sometimes important subset of reality. In the courtrooms of this country an economic value is placed on human lives every day. What do you think a life is worth?

>Yes. But: acceptance is not the same as taking. BG didn't "accept"
>his risk; he took it. There's a huge difference. It's a totally
>different kind of risk, with a totally different circumstance; it's
>also a passive vs. active issue.

I don't follow your argument here. What is the _huge difference_ between accepting risk and taking risk?

>Think interest rates.

Why do you think interest rates have anything to do with risk?

You are obviously using multiple definitions of risk here (accepting, taking, passive, active, and interest rates) could you please define for me what risk is in these cases.

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