The nature of risk ...

Wojtek Sokolowski sokol at
Fri Jun 12 07:11:50 PDT 1998

At 03:02 PM 6/11/98 -0700, Jordan Hayes wrote:
>Tell that to George Soros, who loaned Russia "several hundred
>million" last summer. Now *that's* risk.

What risk? In the worst case scenario Mr. Soros will receive a note that his account is a few zeroes shorter. Big deal, I take that kind of risk everyday while playing "Civilization II" on my computer.

Tell that to people who take a *real* risk every day in Russia, miners, railroad workers, etc.

Your arguments strike me as a belief that figments of imagination are more real than material reality - a quite common delusion among the brahmins of managerial ideologies. In that context, the follwoing quotation form the Stanford psychologist Phillip Zimbardo is in place: when one person is having delusions, we treat him in a mental institution, but when several people are having similar delusions, we call it a point of view and protect with constituionally guaranteed freedom of speech.

Happy dreaming.


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