Global overproduction! - Soros

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Talk of "overheating" as well of inflation are more or less talk of badly spent and distributed resources: Instead of making revenue go to make production more efficient and distributing revenue so that the produce may be bought, we get these insane results. Loads of financial (and produced-goods)capital that have no apparent and in particular sound "goal" - and therefore go to speculation on the first instance and to waste in the second. Both waste largely.


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>George Soros who made billions speculating on the fall of the pound in
>1993, is on record today lamenting the crisis of "global overproduction" -
>clear - and of "global inflation".
>I do not get the latter. What is he on about, and why?

I read this as Soros endorsing the elite campaign against 'over- heating', which is to say for low growth. Inflation is a bit of a red herring and the fulminations against it coming mostly from central banks are a cover for high interest, low-growth policies favoured by ruling elites in the West.

(Incidentally, 'Global overproduction' is a myth, too. As long as human wants remain unsatisfied, it is ridiculous to talk of 'overproduction' in absolute terms. It can only mean overproduction relative to the restricted consumption fund set by the markets) -- Jim heartfield

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