Dreamers of a 'left Democratic Party' (was The most dangerous sect...)

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The 1810s in U.S. history are know as the "era of good feeling" because

there were no issues at stake in electoral politics (the Federalists had

collapsed), and I understand that for personal attacks and ill feeling no

period in our history matched that "era of good feeling." We are now again

in such an era. Debate over issues has almost entirely disappeared from

the political "debates" of our "One-Party-with-two-right-wings" state.

Take away the personal attacks on Clinton on the WSJ ed and op-ed pages

and what you have left is praise for Clinton's program. And indeed they

should praise him for he has done better by WSJ principles than did either

Reagan or Bush.

Carrol >>

I don't know carrol. Maybe that's how it's referred to in the history books, but there was tremendous upheaval in different parts of the u.s. about that time. For one thing, there was huge nationalist sentiment because of the impending war with the brits (1812) -- alot of merchants selling foreign goods were trashed. According to M. Carey, there were several armed rebellions in the states about this time. I would have to look up the dates, but there was one in Pennsylvania in opposition to whiskey taxes, and there were a couple of New England states who had armed insurgents take over the state legislators because there was no currency and taxes were being demanded in gold and silver. maggie coleman mscoleman at aol.com

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